October 2022.

Paypal has decided to use its dominance of the online payments market as a political weapon.

As the UK’s Free Speech Union have reported:

PayPal has demonetised the Free Speech Union. It is not uncommon for financial companies like PayPal to withdraw services from individuals or groups who express politically contentious views, but this is the first time an organisation that defends people’s right to express such views has been demonetised. This is a new low and takes us one step closer towards a Chinese-style social credit system in which those who do not toe the party line are shut out of the financial system.

I have therefore closed my Paypal account.

I am looking at other payment providers. In the meantime, please join the Free Speech Union to help protect independent journalism, investigations, reporting and commentary. It is not for banks to decide what people may or may not say.


Please use the link below to contribute to the current project.

Please also either send a message through Paypal, or drop me a line, letting me know whether you would like to be acknowledged in the credits of my videos.

(For people without Paypal accounts — I’m looking into an alternative provider. Any advice on how to do this also gratefully received!)

Thank you!