In Praise of Unsustainability

We’ve mentioned before that everything that humans have ever done has been unsustainable. And not in a bad way.

According to architect Austin Williams, sustainability is ‘a philosophy of low aspirations, miserablism, petty-mindedness, parochialism, sanctimony’. Ben has reviewed Williams’ new book The Enemies of Progress: Dangers of Sustainability over at Culture Wars.

The idea of ‘sustainability’, at first glance, has some footing in common sense. To disagree with it seems to mean standing up for unsustainability, defending houses that will collapse: who would be mad enough? Architect Austin Williams’ new book, The Enemies of Progress: Dangers of Sustainability, offers a snapshot of the sustainability’s increasing influence, and gets beneath the sustainable agenda to reveal its true character and aim…

Read the rest of In Praise of Unsustainability here.

3 thoughts on “In Praise of Unsustainability”

  1. Sustainability is not “no change” .. It is preserving just as much as we CAN what we have today for tomorrow, alongside development. We are not even doing that!

  2. Par might have a point in saying that ‘Sustainability is not “no change”’.

    After all, it’s retrogression, not stasis, that sustainability acheives. Going backward is surely as much a ‘change’ as going forward.

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