A Widget for Ward

Bob Ward’s accusations about our funding arrangements made us realise that anyone out there wishing to push their filthy dirty oil money our way have no way of getting it to us. To that end, we have installed a shiny new button, dedicated to him. Please feel free to click it (or the ‘donate’ menu item at the top of the page to contribute in £ or Euros) and help us keep the resistance going.

Even if you’re not an energy transnational, if the recession isn’t biting you too hard, and you enjoy this blog, just a dollar/euro/pound or two would come in handy. We’d like to upgrade our server, get a better functioning website design, and maybe add a few features.

Thank you most kindly.

4 thoughts on “A Widget for Ward”

  1. I would love to donate to the resistance cause. Sadly I am a bit short of money because of fuel duty increases to force me out of my car and higher home energy costs to fund wind turbines that only deliver 20% of their generation capacity.

    The money I would have given you will instead be disbursed to various scientists – who will warn us via the media that sea levels will rise 50ft and the changing climate will make meerkats in the Kalahari burst into flames.

    At the very least it will give us plenty more junk science nonsense to debunk… Good luck anyway!

  2. Unfortunately I’m a Saudi Oil Billionaire so it would be rather awfully dreadful if I was to fund you. I might get one of my satellite companies to send you a few hundred million…..but keep it quiet please

  3. I donated $5 just to over the costs of black print on a white background.

    Now, if you want Italics or Bolds, then that would require more money.

  4. How much do you actually need?
    Incidently, why the doomy looming storm clouds? Are they supposed to be symbolic?
    Shouldn’t you be true to your principles and put up some pix of nicely smoking factories, tracts of felled forests, or even an armour plated SUV instead? Might attract some real revenue!

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