Hope, Fear, and Miliband

Today the UK gets to decide whether or not it keeps the first-past-the-post system of electing Members of Parliament, or instead switches to ‘Alternative Vote’. It’s the single most pointless referendum ever, and owes almost nothing to a public desire for such a change.  Zzzzzz.

Labour Party leader, Ed Miliband, has entered the debate somewhat later than expected, in favour of the AV system, but merely to score points from the Conservative Party. Here is his recent contribution, in which he talks about putting ‘hope over fear’…

[youtube EFlYOX__JRg]

Really? Hope over fear?

Is this the same Miliband?

Age of Stupid: Reactions: Ed Miliband from SPANNER FILMS on Vimeo.

Is this?

[youtube x22EWyhNFR8]

And this?

[youtube 85jLJLnL_Ks]

Ed Miliband putting the politics of ‘hope’ over the politics of fear would be a more dramatic transformation than the UK’s rejection of FPTP for AV. Whatever the outcome of the referendum, the UK will be stuck with the same, vapid, banal and self-aggrandising fear-mongers — David vote-blue-go-green Cameron, Ed Miliband, and Nick Clegg — for some time to come.