#FLOP26 Livestreams catch-up

Here are this #FLOP26 Livestreams recorded so far. If you watch them on Youtube, you may have to scroll past the 10 minute intros on each video, but they're all cued-up here at the start of each conversation. Look out for details of each new daily Livestream during...

New Project: the #FLOP26 Livestream

The annual UNFCCC, COP meeting climate ritual is returning after its Covid19 hiatus. Naturally, the UK being this year's host means that we have had to endure perhaps the most intolerable levels of green propaganda, as well as Lockdowns. What I have always found most...

Is there a plan?

Podcasters Alex McCarron (Escape from Lockdown) and Paul Rodriguez (State of the Markets) have a debate on the ideas in currency about whether all things Covid (and more) are the fruits of a 'plan' or not. Arguing that there is a plan was State of the Markets co-host,...

It’s not enough to criticise only XR’s ‘methods’

The fortnight of Extinction Rebellion (XR) protests on London’s streets are drawing to a close. As with earlier protests, significant news coverage and comment has been driven by XR’s trademark tactics: although seemingly making demands of government, directing its...

Not the BBC

I had a web-chat with Seb Abecasis recently, for his new Youtube channel, Not the BBC. It was quite a broad-ranging discussion, and quite good fun. I hope you agree -- watch it below.  

The Anti-Democratic Climate Assembly

I have written a report on the UK Climate Assembly for the Global Warming Policy Forum, published today. Here's the press release. London, 29 January: The UK Climate Assembly, which claimed to have delivered a mandate for a green revolution, could not have delivered a...

Who will police green Utopia? And how?

This post is adapted from a recent Twitter thread, based on a Telegraph article, in which it is suggested: Police may have to enforce strict  environmental laws as part of Government's ambitious Green agenda Ambitious climate change targets set by the Government will...

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