#FLOP26 Livestreams catch-up

by | Nov 7, 2021

Here are this #FLOP26 Livestreams recorded so far.

If you watch them on Youtube, you may have to scroll past the 10 minute intros on each video, but they’re all cued-up here at the start of each conversation.

Look out for details of each new daily Livestream during COP26, on my Twitter page, or on my Youtube channel.

If you can, please help support this project on my donations page. And if you can’t, please help by subscribing to the Youtube channel, liking and sharing the conversations. It all helps.

Benny Peiser

Austin Williams

Richard North

Climategate special with Stephen McIntyre, David Whitehouse and Andrew Montford

Martin Durkin

Rupert Darwall

James Woudhuysen

Chris Horner

Alex Epstein

Journalism at the end of the world — panel discussion with David Rose, Andrew Orlowski and Roby Lyons


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