New Project: the #FLOP26 Livestream

by | Oct 23, 2021

The annual UNFCCC, COP meeting climate ritual is returning after its Covid19 hiatus.

Naturally, the UK being this year’s host means that we have had to endure perhaps the most intolerable levels of green propaganda, as well as Lockdowns.

What I have always found most obnoxious about the clear signification of the political establishment’s determination to exclude the public from politics, but acting as though the entire country had even been asked for their views, let alone agreed on the green agenda.

Parliament, which has only just got the message that the population of the UK did not share their views of the European Union, seems intent on creating a new, far more powerful global bureaucracy, which will be imposed on us.

There just about remains in Britain the possibility for a healthy debate across a number of different lines relating to climate change. But it is the predominance of the green blob that precludes healthy, democratic exchanges. Consequently, Net Zero is a policy agenda that has been conceived of by conflicted technocrats, is uncosted, and will cause real harm to millions of people.

Above all, the climate agenda is profoundly anti-democratic. It does not seek the consent over those whom it will be imposed on. But as we can see, from the ‘climate crisis’ alarmism, through the poorly-conceived NetZero policy agenda, to the rampant hypocrisy and anti-human nature of the environmental movement, it is deeply flawed in its foundation and execution.

So my plan is to hold a daily, parallel livestream event that will put these objections in one place.

I have asked each of a range of guests known for their clarity of thought on the climate agenda (and more) to join me for an hour on one day for a show on each day of the conference.

Among other topics, we shall be discussing:

  • The history of the global climate agenda — the UNFCCC & COP meetings 1-26.
  • Science in the shadow of Climategate — the BBC’s resuscitation of Climategate ahead of COP26
  • Global and national green technocracies — do we need them?
  • The outlook for the UK’s Net Zero agenda — will it be enough to convince the rest of the world to follow Boris?
  • Climate Lawfare — how the green blob subverts democracy.
  • The (im)morality of the climate agenda
  • The news media’s descent into grubby propaganda
  • China and the green blob
  • British politicians’ tawdry love affair with the green movement.

I will post more details here when the dates & times with the guests have been finalised.

The livestreams will be available from my Youtube channel, and will be announced here on each day.

If you would like to support the project, please consider making a small (or large!) donation on this page.

Tune in!


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  1. Rosie Abrahams

    Thank you for doing this.


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