Walport, Spiked

Posted by Ben Pile on January 31, 2014
Jan 312014

I have a short piece over at Spiked Online on UK Chief Scientific Advisor, Sir Mark Walport’s injunction that climate sceptics should ‘grow up’.

According to an article in The Times (London) earlier this week, the government’s chief scientific adviser, Sir Mark Walport, is about to start a lecture tour, which ‘will put climate change back on the political agenda’. With the global effort to reduce CO2 emissions in tatters, with the EU doing a volte-face on its own green energy targets, with the UK examining its own commitment to the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) and to green legislation, and with scientists scratching their heads about the absence of warming over the past 17 years, Walport’s words seem incautious, possibly foolish.

Read it there.

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  1. It is an excellent piece, Ben! FYI, I have used some excerpts in a recent post:

    Walport’s ignorance and banal soundbytes

    So, thanks for the “hooks” ;-)

  2. Thanks for writing such excellent and compelling essays.

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