Switch Off, Tune Out, Give Up

We were tempted by an advert in the Times (London) yesterday:

Get your kids to help you switch-off this summer

Yes folks, you too could buy your energy from n-power, who will, in return, encourage your kids to spy on you and make sure you don’t lapse into climate criminality.

n-power’s Climate Cops website enlarges on the children’s mission:

Use your skills of investigation to help the Climate Cops cut down on the climate crimes that are taking place in your home.

Download the ‘Climate Crime’ cards and use them to search your home to make sure that none are happening under your own roof! Then build your ‘Climate Crime Case File’ and report back to your family to make sure they don’t commit those crimes again (or else)! You may need to keep a watchful eye over them by revisiting the case every week or two to make sure they don’t slip back into any of their old habits.

You can spread your search even wider by adding even more ‘Case Files’ to your notes. What about the homes of your uncles, aunts or friends from school?

Hmm, we’ll have two please. Whatever you say about Environmentalism, you can’t say its heart isn’t in the right place.

We were going to blog this, but Lee Jones beat us to it. Children, forward to the Glorious Green Future! leaves little to be said:

Kids are being re-educated to become moaning little Maoists forcing their ignorant mums and dads to ‘go green’.