The Independent – Where the Sun Never Shines

by | Nov 19, 2007

Prof. Philip Stott ponders the decline of the Independent newspaper…

Well, I never like the loss of media and debating outlets, but I have to say that the demise, if that were ever to happen, of the Indie would bring fewer tears to my eyes than most. As a purveyor of gloom and doom, it has been second to none. 

Indeed. There is an interesting relationship between doom and demise. That other sinking ship, for example, the UK’s Liberal Party has in recent months sought to secure its future by attempting to demonstrate that it is taking the global warming issue more seriously than its rivals.

But let’s not single out the Liberals. It’s not as if the rest of British Politics is enjoying any kind of renaissance, either. It’s sinking ships all round. Low turn-outs… Cynicism… Disengagement… Distrust… No difference of substance between the parties… Historically low party membership…

Whinings about global warming are the noises made by institutions in their death-throws. It is a profound lack of imagination and a poverty of ideas that drives them to this course of action. Pretending to be the only way to “save the planet” at “one minute to midnight” is the most desperate way to demonstrate relevance to an increasingly disinterested public; to terrify them into engaging. But what the likes of the Liberals and Independent don’t seem to realise is that nobody is buying it because it’s too easy to see that the crisis is at home, not in the sky. The politics that the Independent espouses is especially tired. Hence, they attempt to make the biggest noise about the “crisis facing the planet”. If they want to know why they are failing, they should look in a Mirror. (Or a Sun).


  1. Anonymous

    “[…] they should look in a Mirror. (Or a Sun).”

    you’re not actually recommending these rags by way of making a weak pun, are you?

  2. Machiavelli's Understudy

    I don’t think the Liberal Party’s ever taken a strong stance on climate change, has it?

    In fact, I’ve seen very little of them in the news on anything. I blame the Liberal Democrats for (wrongly) stealing the limelight.

  3. John A

    One thing I’ve learned about the liberals is that in power they are anything but.

    Also, in twenty years of liberal watching, I still have no idea what they stand for.


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