Climate Same As It Was 100 Years Ago Due To Climate Change

by | Jan 12, 2008

A wake-up call to the world from AFP

Light snow fell in Baghdad early on Friday in what weather officials said was the first time in about a 100 years. … “These snowfalls are linked to the climate change that is happening everywhere.”

If this climate chaos carries on, the weather the day after tomorrow will be the same as it was yesterday. Again. Thus proving once and for all that climate change is real, and is happening, and something must be done about it.

An Iraqi man fearlessly battling against the light snow and mild breeze yesterday.


  1. Anonymous

    Evidently it was the coldest, windiest and snowiest it had ever been in the Cairngorms only recently – instant death to anyone foolhardy enough to try overnighting out there. Now, that’s got to prove something!

  2. john a. bailo

    During month’s of arguing with Climate Deluders at I kept being referred to the IPCC report. I deferred because I felt the report was not a scientific paper, but a summary and a polemic.

    Well, I finally broke down and downloaded and printed the PDF. Man, I wish I had done that sooner because it’s quite a hoot!

    First of all, it looks and reads not like a policy paper for adults, but like a high school textbook. Lots of really dumbed down pictures and lots of introductory text. It’s so rich with fallacy and boilerplate, that I enjoy reading it.

    But, here’s a gem for you. Page 95 in the chapter 1, “…unsuccessful prediction demonstrates that the underlying theory is imperfect and requires improvement or abandonment.” !!!

    What?! Say that again?! Because so far every prediction of the IPCC has fallen on it’s face! So, isn’t it time to abandon the whole CO2, Human-induced fallacy?

  3. maurizio morabito

    The last time there was snow in Baghdad was more likely 1942, not a 100 years ago. I have been able to trace that storm in the archives of The New York Times



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