Pesky Bloody Democracy

by | Jan 25, 2008

Yesterday, we had a bit of a go at a philosopher for his naughty, anti-democratic (if unconsciously so) world view when it comes to saving the planet. Well, it turns out that Marc D. Davidson ain’t got nothing on David Shearman and Joseph Wayne Smith. You don’t need a Rorschach test to tell where they’re coming from. They’ve written a book called The Climate Change Challenge and the Failure of Democracy. Roger Pielke Jr nails it.


  1. T. Greer

    I particulalry enjoy the words of one of the commentators over at Prometheus:

    “Did the former Soviet Union do this with the economy?”

  2. john a. bailo

    This is the frightening thing about Al Gore. He was unable to get popular elected support, so he does an “end run” around the system because “he knows better than everyone”.

    It reminds me of one of those 1950s science fiction movies where the scorned madman goes off to invent a Doomsday Machine to “show the world”.

    These AGWers are a dangerous cult that everyday day is getting the mainstream to surrender our rights and liberties to a fiction.


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