In a Sea of Greens

by | Feb 27, 2008

We are flattered to have been included in the “50 Best Eco Blogs” published today by the Times (London). Apparently, we are

A site actively involved in standing up for climate change sceptics, [that] puts its points across eloquently and is not afraid to stand up to the Grists of this world. 

It’s especially lovely to be nestled in there among such excellent others as Climate Audit, William M Briggs and Climate Debate Daily.


  1. Dream Liner

    Hmmm – interesting lineup but I can’t get over the fact that they have created a separate “skeptics” category, as if none of the skeptics sites can’t be in “must read”, “The news blogs” or “The scientists”. Of course, RealClimate is listed in the scientists but ClimateAudit not.
    This list is their lame attempt at showing their “balanced” approach but they are clearly delineating skeptics as they are a separate category – in the fringes

  2. john a. bailo

    I prefer the term Naturo-genic Global Warmers (NGW) to “skeptic”. Skeptic implies negating an argument without providing an alternative. NGW implies that we recognize the data and that we believe that it may be one of many natural causes (Svensmark’s cosmic rays being an extremely strong contender).


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