I Spy Green Spies…

by | Aug 7, 2008

Writing in the New Statesman about the make up of Climate Camp protest, Stephen Armstrong says,

According to the private espionage industry itself, roughly one in four of your comrades is on a multinational’s payroll.

The idea that intelligence operatives are running eco-protest direct action groups, such that one in four of them are working for the man, forgets that the other three are Trustafarians whose land-owning corporate boss daddies will put them well and truly on the payroll once they decide to chill out a bit.

The spies are probably there just to pick up some fresh ideas for the latest corporate marketing greenwash, or to inject the flailing political parties with the illusion of a radical policy initiative.

The vanity of the environmental protest movement knows no bounds. They imagine themselves as dangerous subversives. But really, they express exactly the same ideas as the government.

They just use less soap.


  1. Greedis Goode

    well I had already considered the pleasing fantasy of a counter-conspiracy in which the Oil industry is placing advisers and ideas-people into the enviromental movement to discredit them with more and more stupid policies – did you know for example, if nuclear and coal weren’t taking up funding and slowing renewables research, the green movement could produce enough farts to power britain six times over

  2. Keith

    Good Grief, I’ve just looked at the Climate Camp wbsite for the first time. What a load of studenty drivel! Particularly the part about how they organise themsleves and have “consensus” meetings. If they believe that, they’ll believe anything! Which of course they do.

    I had to pinch myself at times as I thought I was reading the bit about the “anarcho-syndicalist community” from the Monty Python sketch.


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