Honi-Soit-Qui-Mal-Y Ponce

by | Oct 29, 2008

After our ‘Green Aristocracy‘ post yesterday, it was amusing to see that

Prince Charles has warned that the financial crisis should not distract from the longer-term problem of the “climate crunch”.

Speaking during a visit to Tokyo, the Prince of Wales said the global economy was “rightly a preoccupation of vast significance and importance”.

The trip is part of a wider tour of the Far East, which will also see the prince and the duchess travel to Brunei. Charles will later journey on to Indonesia alone.

In other words, Prince Charles, the multi-multi-multi millionaire, owner of one of the biggest estates in the UK, and heir to even more, who has never done a stroke of work, who has people to put toothpaste on his royal toothbrush, who doesn’t ever need to worry about what he can or can’t afford, losing his job, or having his home repossessed, whilst swanning around the world in luxurious accommodation and transport says that he thinks we might have our priorities wrong.

Charles called on developed nations to cut carbon emissions by 70% to 80% by the year 2050, saying any crisis faced today would be nothing compared with what would befall the world “if we continue on a business-as-usual basis”.

“The scientists tell us there is just the smallest window left for us to make the transformational changes in the way we live needed to stop catastrophic climate change,” he said.

“The worry of course is that this window of opportunity is available to us at exactly the same time as the global economy is under severe strain. But despite this we simply mustn’t abandon the drive towards a low carbon economy.”

As we have pointed out, ‘the scientists’ say no such thing.

His 38-year-old Aston Martin now runs on bioethanol from surplus wine, while his fleet of Jaguars, Audi and Range Rover use biodiesel made from recycled cooking oil.

Once, such ‘can’t they eat cake’ indifference to the dirty masses might have given rise to calls for his head to be removed from his shoulders. Today, of course, what he says is in agreement with the anarchist ‘revolutionaries’, class warriors and ossified socialists at the Climate Camp. Their heads are as remote from their shoulders as Charles’ is.   

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  1. Dave Hodgkinson

    ITYM “losing”.

    Loosing is what he does with his hounds.

    [Thanks Dave. Fixed.]


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