The Climate Change Bill. Part 1 – They Don't Work for You.

by | Oct 29, 2008

The third reading of the Climate Change Bill took place in parliament yesterday. More on that later.

The reading was preceded by an Early Day Motion (EDM) to include shipping and aviation in the scope of the bill.

EDM 2233 – CLIMATE CHANGE BILL (No. 2) – 14.10.2008

Griffiths, Nigel

That this House welcomes the Prime Minister’s decision to ask the Shadow Committee on Climate Change for early advice on the Climate Change Bill to inform the final stages of debate in Parliament; congratulates the Committee and its chair Lord Turner for providing robust advice despite the time pressure; welcomes their recommendation that the United Kingdom should be more ambitious in its target with cuts in greenhouse gas emissions by 2050; further welcomes Lord Turner’s further statement that this should include all emissions, including aviation and shipping; and urges all parties to support amendments to incorporate these changes in the Climate Change Bill.

The policies that the MPs signing this motion want to create will lead to a loss of jobs and a substantial reduction in the standard of living for people throughout the UK. Meanwhile, members of the Climate Change Committee, the companies they work for and are associated with will profit handsomely from the legislation they have created.

MPs are elected on the basis that they will take part in political, democratic debate. Instead, the following gutless, spineless, and brainless UK MPs have put their name to a motion to defer policy decisions to an unaccountable, undemocratic, and self-interested committee, whose decisions are based on spurious calculations about the future.

If your MP is listed below (find out here), let them know (here) what you think about their climate posturing, their failure to subject environmental policies to scrutiny, and their deferring of political debate to an undemocratic committee. Ask your friends and relatives to do the same. 

  • Abbott, Diane
  • Ainger, Nick
  • Allen, Graham
  • Anderson, Janet
  • Austin, John
  • Battle, John
  • Bayley, Hugh
  • Begg, Anne
  • Berry, Roger
  • Betts, Clive
  • Bottomley, Peter
  • Brooke, Annette
  • Burgon, Colin
  • Campbell, Ronnie
  • Caton, Martin
  • Chaytor, David
  • Clapham, Michael
  • Clark, Katy
  • Clarke, Tom
  • Cohen, Harry
  • Connarty, Michael
  • Cook, Frank
  • Corbyn, Jeremy
  • Cousins, Jim
  • Dean, Janet
  • Devine, Jim
  • Dobbin, Jim
  • Dobson, Frank
  • Drew, David
  • Durkan, Mark
  • Etherington, Bill
  • Fisher, Mark
  • Flynn, Paul
  • Francis, Hywel
  • Galloway, George
  • Gapes, Mike
  • Gerrard, Neil
  • Gibson, Ian
  • Gilroy, Linda
  • Griffiths, Nigel
  • Grogan, John
  • Hall, Patrick
  • Hancock, Mike
  • Havard, Dai
  • Hermon, Lady
  • Hood, Jim
  • Hopkins, Kelvin
  • Iddon, Brian
  • Jackson, Glenda
  • Jenkins, Brian
  • Jones, Lynne
  • Kaufman, Gerald
  • Levitt, Tom
  • Linton, Martin
  • Lloyd, Tony
  • Llwyd, Elfyn
  • Marsden, Gordon
  • Marshall-Andrews, Robert
  • McCafferty, Chris
  • McCartney, Ian
  • McDonnell, Alasdair
  • McDonnell, John
  • Meacher, Michael
  • Meale, Alan
  • Morley, Elliot
  • Mullin, Chris
  • Murphy, Denis
  • Naysmith, Doug
  • O’Hara, Edward
  • Olner, Bill
  • Pelling, Andrew
  • Pope, Greg
  • Prentice, Gordon
  • Purchase, Ken
  • Riordan, Linda
  • Russell, Bob
  • Sheerman, Barry
  • Short, Clare
  • Simpson, Alan
  • Singh, Marsha
  • Stewart, Ian
  • Strang, Gavin
  • Stunell, Andrew
  • Taylor, David
  • Thornberry, Emily
  • Tipping, Paddy
  • Truswell, Paul
  • Turner, Desmond
  • Vis, Rudi
  • Walley, Joan
  • Wareing, Robert N
  • Weir, Mike
  • Williams, Betty
  • Willott, Jenny
  • Wishart, Pete
  • Wood, Mike
  • Wright, Anthony D
  • Younger-Ross, Richard


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