Energy Battles

by | Nov 12, 2009

A few posts back we mentioned the Battle of Ideas debate festival organised by the Institute of Ideas.

Audio podcasts of the many debates are now available on-line.  There’s something there for everyone.”Institute%20of%20Ideas”

However, we highlighted the series of debates that will be of most interest to our readers .

Ben spoke at one of the debates, part of the “Battle for Energy” strand, called “Solving the Energy Crisis: all about lightbulbs and lifestyle?” You can read more about the debate and hear the audio by following this link, or here

If you like your debates a bit more upfront, however… Abundant, Cheap, Clean… Contentious? Why is energy a battlefield today? provided some entertaining and very insightful discussion from James Woudhuysen, co-author of Energise! – a fantastic book for anyone interested in the climate and energy debates. [Click here to read more and listen to the debate]

In the same strand, A New Nuclear Age?, discussed the technical and political problems besetting atomic energy projects.   [Click here to read more and listen to the debate]

Also check out, The Fight over Flight: what’s the problem with air travel? and A Green New Deal: can environmentalism save the economy?


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