New Year, New Site

by | Jan 2, 2011

Happy new year…

As you can see, we have a new site design, on a new server.

Please feel free to express any thoughts about it in the comments. Anything need to be changed? Could something be better? Is it easy to navigate/read?


  1. Peter S

    New site looks nice. I preferred the ‘Climate Resistance’ header as it was – upper and lower case, with no letter spacing… simple, modern and classy.

    Also, I would suggest that the text formatting for the overall site is set to range left rather than justified. Justified texts in this context can look somewhat awkward and inconsistent – with some lines forced to have very large word spaces to fit the fixed column width, whilst others are tight and squeezed-looking. This is especially noticeable in shorter paragraphs (like a reply comment) and tends to trip up the reader and become an obstacle to flow and concentration. Justified texts look fine in text books (where they are a convention and are properly kerned and hyphenated by an expert typesetter) but they look rather old-fashioned and clumsy on blogs. This visual unease is exacerbated by the fact that supporting elements within a piece – such as pictures, tables, headings and subheadings etc – are range left anyway.

    Otherwise- happy new year and keep up the good work!

  2. Tom X. Tobin

    Please make a post to your old feed letting your readers know that you’ve changed the feed location; to anyone subscribed to your feed before the site changed, it simply looks like you’ve stopped posting altogether. I would have never known that you changed it if I hadn’t caught a post to that effect on Twitter.

  3. Tom X. Tobin

    Oops, never mind; it seems to have been a hiccup in seeing the updated feed.

  4. admin

    Peter… Agreed about justified text. I’m still thinking about the site title.

    Tom… The feed confuses me, and I can’t find a way of doing as you suggested… Can you offer any tips? Thanks.

  5. geoffchambers

    Happy New Year. Sorry to complain, but I’ve a problem with your new format. Pressing the apple thingy and + used to increase the size of the print. Now it just spreads it out without enlarging the type size to legibility.

  6. Ben Pile

    Geoff, which browser are you using? I seem to be able to increase text size in Firefox and IE, but not Chrome.

    In the meantime, I’ve added a little text-size function thing to the top of the sidebar. I’ll try and make it look tidier later, but it will be somewhere obvious.


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