Whither 'Extreme Weather'…

by | Oct 3, 2013

David Whitehouse and I have produced a few films for the GWPF on the subject of ‘extreme weather’.

There are two versions — one shorter, a second longer with more detail.

Short version:

Longer version:

The videos centre around interviews between David Whitehouse, and Jennifer Francis and Roger Pielke Jr.

Unedited versions of the interviews are also online.

Jennifer Francis:

Roger Pielke:


  1. Peter S

    Very good, Ben. Well done. More to follow I hope.

  2. Lewis Deane

    Thanks, Ben. But I must admit no one looks good on tv!

    [Good job I’m not in it then. B.]

  3. clivere

    I don’t expect a lot of people will bother with the longer interviews but I am glad I took the trouble. I was wondering how fair the edited version was to Jennifer Francis where her views were given much less time than Roger Pielke Jr.

    I came away with the view that you actually did her a favour. I was astonished that she seemed unaware that she was actually arguing against the scientific consensus and her lack of awareness when asked about the IPCC SREX was an eye opener. She was also pushing the view that absence of satellite records may mean past events were missed without recognising that it actually weakens her arguments concerning the relative frequency of modern to historic extreme events.

    I felt she believed what she was saying but was left with the impression that she was pushing her own theory of arctic amplification and also the oceans absorbing the recent warming without any realisation that the statistics of extreme events appears to contradict much of where she is coming from.

  4. Lewis Deane

    Ha ha! I know, Ben. It’s. the paunches I can’t get over!


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