Donna Laframboise on Green NGOs & the UNFCCC

by | Feb 9, 2014

I doubt that Donna Laframboise needs much of an introduction here. She was in London recently to give evidence to the UK House of Commons Energy and Climate Change select committee, and while here, generously agreed to meet me for a quick chat about some of the things we’re both particularly interested in about the climate debate. Especially her experience at the recent COP meeting in Warsaw.

This video is a bit of an experiment for this blog, but if it goes well, I hope I’ll be producing some more. Please share, link and comment.


  1. Hilary Ostrov

    Great interview Ben and Donna! The one thing I would like to have seen you discuss is the extent to which the official accreditation of these Green NGOs as “representatives” of “civil society” is in fact conferred by one (or more) of the branches within the “maze” of the UN.

    From material that I have viewed, by far the most powerful of these accreditaton groups is the UN’s ECOSOC. As I had written a few years ago:

    the United Nations continues adding branches and shrubbery to its merry maze, spawning acronymic panels, working groups, committees and cultivating and enabling the influence of Non-governmental organizations (NGO)s – whom they call “civil society”. I’m not sure where that leaves the rest of us whose organizational affiliations might not lead to membership in one of the “chosen” (?!) groups. Indeed, one might well ask: “What am I, chopped liver?”

    Within the maze (and there’s no other way to describe it because the multiplicity of UN websites makes it almost impossible to determine the “chain of command”), there’s a Department of Economic and Social Affairs (DESA) which has an “Office for Economic and Social Council Support and Coordination” (ECOSOC) – or maybe it’s the other way around. But in any event, there is an “NGO Branch”

    Btw, just as there is a “revolving door” between various governments and the honchos of “civil society”, there’s a similar “revolving door” between these honchos of “civil society” and the UN’s ever-expanding bureaucracy.

  2. Rathnakumar

    “This video is a bit of an experiment for this blog, but if it goes well, I hope I’ll be producing some more.”

    I am a follower of Donna’s blog. I enjoyed the video, kindly continue the good work!

  3. mike fowle

    Very good. I think Donna is wonderful anyway, and she puts 99% of journalists to shame. On a trivial point, didn’t like the close ups that were too close.

  4. Ilma

    Having read both books, seen Donna speak at a previous Westminster meeting and met her at the pub event following the recent Committee on Energy Climate Change session where she gave evidence alongside Richard Lindzen, I would say that our UK MPs really ought to read her books and listen very closely to what she has to say and take her seriously. When it comes to examining the organisation of the IPCC and therefore its credibility, she IS the independent expert.

  5. Lachlan

    I really liked this. Donna is great.

  6. Graham Strouts

    Great stuff. Very interesting to hear from Donna on her first-hand experiences in Warsaw. Certainly sounds cultish and the “I care” logo positively creepy.

  7. Alex Cull

    Very enjoyable video. Thinking of doing a transcript, at some point. It was great to catch up with you both, last month, at the pub meet, by the way.



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