Ecohyperreality – how climate pseudoscience is taking scientists away from reality

by | Feb 16, 2021


  1. David

    Firemen – not firefighters.

  2. Tom Sash

    Mr. Pile, Thank you so much for the intelligence, the courage, the insight, to make this video. What a gem! What a gem! What a gem! I hope the video is one more brick in the wall that will stop the insane pseudo-science that grips the world right now.

  3. Mike Stallard

    Christopher Booker noted all this in the 1990s. Guess what? Nobody listened then either.

  4. Stephen Wilde

    Meanwhile, the reality is that the so called greenhouse effect is actually a consequence of atmospheric mass being convected up and down within a gravity field and therefore nothing to do with CO2 emissions.
    There is now a new hypothesis to that effect which was initially trashed in an article published by a well known former weatherman, Anthony Watts, but which was then fully explained in the subsequent comments.
    I recommend careful reading and consideration of the information contained in this link:

  5. john

    An ECO-hyper-reality? Or an EGO-HYPER-reality?

  6. William J Brown MBE CEng.

    Look at Empirical evidence on global warming. Sattelite temperature measurements show a 0.13°C per decade rise, since 1979!
    We do not have to spend £trillions of taxpayer’s funds on alternative energy projects, that will make everyone poorer.


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