Intended consequences: energy price rises & inflation

by | May 25, 2022


  1. ThinkingScientist

    Outstanding Video. Nails it. UK government and MPs of all parties are caught in the green policy trap. And as willful destruction of our reliable energy supply continues, mandated by government, so will inflation and every increasing energy prices. As the chancellor puts supertaxes on oil companies he ignores the £6 billion in subsidies paid to wind and solar that inflate our energy bills. Utterly bonkers.

    Successive governments since the Climate Change Act 2008 are basically on a course to self-destruct our standard of living. Sacrificed on the altar of religious zealotry of Global Warming.

  2. Jack Hennessey

    Spot on, the loss of cheap abundant energy will amount to deindustrialisation.When Mark Carney and the WEF talk of the 4th Industrial Revolution I think this is what they mean.Carney talked of innovations that would make most workers superfluous….it’s just plain wrong, when has any innovation led to less participation in the workforce?They intend to destroy the economies of the west…I just wonder why?

    Brilliant video, keep up the good work.

  3. SuziAlkamyst

    The original ‘green agenda’ was raised by people who saw the poisoning of the countryside and air due to uncontrolled industrial development by those wishing to enrich themselves from the labour of the poor, they had ideas of how to transition to a gentler way of living on the planet, but the ‘Greening’ concept has over the centuries, been hi-jacked by the very perpetrators of the planets degradation from mono-culture farming practices, the factory farming of animals, the use of pesticides, fungicides and synthetic fertilisers, endless (very profitable to the few) wars, the greed of those who clear felled forests, and many other such activities all lauded as ‘creating wealth and growth’. This attitude of big business has been the much encouraged driving force that has brought us to where we are now…and we, the majority are still allowing these same people who’s motives are profit and power to lead the way to the destruction of so much life on earth.
    It is time for humanity to make a massive ‘Reset’ of mindset and to start to take responsibility for all our individual activities instead of leaving it up to politicians who are also in their jobs generally in order to enrich themselves and to feel empowered, they are not there because they want to look after Mother Earth and it’s inhabitants, they simply mouth the words they believe will give them gain, as do the bankers and billionaires you mention in this video, which, thank you, has added more info. We need to set aside the again much lauded differences of ideology that create fighting and division and rather look for common ground and join forces, to find solutions (which do exist, but are usually silenced as they are not financially profitable, just like Tesla’s free electricity) to overcome the negative forces at play and bring about some sane, humane balance to the way we live on the earth that gives us all we have.


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