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Brian Cox's Weird Science

Brian Cox -- of wide-eyed BBC science spectaculars fame -- is lauded as one of science's leading advocates, and a 'science communicator'. But for a man who is so keen to extol the virtues of the scientific method, and its unequalled ability to make sense of the world...

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What Do Psychologists Have to Say About Climate Change?

One of the least-explored but most revealing things about the climate change debate (such as it is) is the intersection of climate science and psychology. I have yet to see anything from psychologists that sheds any light on the debate more than it merely exacerbates...

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The Apollo Lords – Shooting for the Stars? Or the Foot?

The climate debate has seen much history dragged into the present, to be served up again as hollow pastiches in environmentalists' and climate activists' shallow morality plays. Unable to make their own history, greens have to recycle moments from the past, to give...

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Shock News: Guardian Pages Sponsored by Rank Hypocrisy

Two things have become clear to me over the years regarding the putative 'ethics' of the Guardian's green campaigns, copy and hacks. First, it is a general rule that 'ethics' are for thee, but not for me. Second, these 'ethics' are intended to elevate those who bear...

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Identifying 'Lukewarmism'

Over at the Making Science Public blog, Brigitte Nerlich wonders about the origins of the word 'lukewarmer'... As I am interested in the emergence and spread of various labels used in the climate change debate, such as for example ‘greenhouse sceptic’, I wanted to...

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Wake Up and Smell the Coffee!

Another day, another apocalyptic story in the Guardian... Coffee catastrophe beckons as climate change threatens arabica plant Study warns that rising temperatures pose serious threat to global coffee market, potentially affecting livelihoods of small farmers and...

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Greens Whinge About Consensus

The looming UK general election has so far been a contest of the lowest possible expectations. It is a difficult election to get excited about. But one group seems to feel especially hurt at being left out of the debate, with their favourite subject having taken a...

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Fortunes of Climate War

Over at Bishop Hill, Andrew Montford wonders, Is there a competition on to see who can be the most revolting climate change activist at the moment? It's a good question, and it arises out of an article posted on Business Green (an on-line news and campaigning site for...

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Repealing the Climate Change Act

I have a very short piece over at the Institute of Ideas (IOI) website, outlining the reasons for repealing the Climate Change Act. It is very short, so I won't give much away here: It might be easy to imagine that scepticism towards claims that we face catastrophic...

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The Peer-Reviewed Dirt on Monbiot's Dirty New Scare Story

Just when you thought climate alarmism had passed its peak... We’re treating soil like dirt. It’s a fatal mistake, as our lives depend on it Says George Monbiot in today's Guardian... War, pestilence, even climate change, are trifles by comparison. Destroy the soil...

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Is Johnson quite mad?

THE Prime Minister’s latest obeisance to the wind energy cult prompted me to make a short film (which follows with a transcript below) to show why it is – and there are no other words – simply mad; why none of his hubristic claims have any grounding in truth or...

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Boris’s recycled eco-sop

The 10-point plan repeats the exact failures of all the green packages that came before it. Today, the prime minister announced his 10-point plan for what he claims will be ‘a green industrial revolution’. But despite the green applause and gushing, Boris Johnson’s...

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America should stay out of Paris

The Paris agreement is a dangerous affront to democracy. Trump was right to challenge it. One of President Trump’s most controversial moves on the world stage was his withdrawal of the USA from the 2015 Paris climate agreement. Coincidentally, the US’s departure from...

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Science is now just another wing of politics

When science so readily attaches itself to politics, policies and candidates, it loses all claim to objectivity. Earlier this month, Scientific American broke with what it claims is its 175-year history of political neutrality to endorse US presidential candidate, Joe...

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Climate alarmism won’t stop the wildfires

We need practical solutions to natural disasters, not vast carbon bureaucracies and global treaties. As the presidential election draws nearer and the wildfires afflicting western US states have intensified, the desperate attempts to turn climate change into political...

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The UK press is already on XR’s side

The 'billionaire-owned', 'right-wing' press is full to the brim with climate-change alarmism. Extinction Rebellion’s decision to block the delivery of certain ‘right-wing’ newspapers across the UK on Saturday morning has been rightly condemned as a violation of press...

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The naff symbolism of modern eco-protest

Protesters in fancy dress, vandalising monuments, know nothing about the issues they want to raise awareness of. Earlier this month, activists from Extinction Rebellion (XR) poured red paint on the steps of Trafalgar Square and threw luminous green ink into its...

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The government has lost control

The masks u-turn shows it has surrendered its authority to ‘the science’. They couldn’t have picked a worse way to signal that the economy is ‘back open for business’. This week, just days after high-street shops were allowed to reopen after months of closure, the UK...

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Environmentalism: a racist ideology

Green neo-Malthusianism is the last redoubt of racist eugenics in mainstream society. As reported on spiked last month, it did not take long for green ideologues to seize on the chaos of the coronavirus pandemic. And in recent weeks, racial politics has exploded,...

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