Using NASA to scare the masses into action

by | Mar 25, 2014 | Articles, Spiked

An apocalyptic report touted by doom-monger Nafeez Ahmed says more about its promoters than it does about civilisation’s future.

A recent Guardian article stated that a ‘NASA-funded study’ had predicted that ‘industrial civilisation’ is ‘headed for irreversible collapse’. Not just a collapse, an irreversible collapse. The article, by the catastrophile and author of The Crisis of Civilisation, Nafeez Ahmed, was soon picked up by dozens of other newspapers, and hundreds of websites, all over the world. ‘NASA-funded study warns of “collapse of civilisation” in coming decades’, screamed the Independent. ‘Industrial civilisation “may be heading toward collapse” within decades because of its strain on the planet’s resources, NASA report finds’, yelled the Daily Mail.

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