These climate ‘rebels’ aren’t against the system, they’re part of it

by | Jul 27, 2019 | Articles, TCW

LOOKING at the recent actions and demands of Extinction Rebellion (XR), it is easy to believe that they are the extreme wing of some fringe political movement. Distinct from the suited, booted denizens of Westminster, the XR rabble occupying the streets of SW1 and beyond are the very picture of a post-apocalyptic fancy-dress party. Men with full beards dressed as Girl Guides, middle-aged women dressed head-to-toe in fluorescent gear, someone on stilts – all of them seem to believe that this is how they will convince the man in the street, whose path to work they are obstructing, that the End is Nigh, and that Something Must Be Done. But a closer look at the phenomenon reveals a much darker reality. XR and their radical ideology are completely within Britain’s political mainstream.

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