The Eco-Hyperreality of Climate Science

by | May 13, 2022 | Articles, The Bellows

Modern climate change “science” exists on a plane of its own, detached from the real world

Throughout the west, a war is being fought to establish a monopoly on truth. In the USA, a new Disinformation Governance Board is being rightly mocked as a ‘Ministry of Truth’ and legislators in the EU, UK and Canada are considering new laws to limit the expression of unauthorized opinions, to prevent the spread of ‘misinformation’. Much of the political establishment’s concern is driven by claims that the free exchange of ideas is making the jobs of experts and governments more difficult. But clues about the true nature of this war and the political establishment’s deepening metaphysical anxiety can be found in the wreckage of the climate debate. It shows just how divorced from reality politics has become. The political establishment is right to worry.

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