The green agenda’s role in global inflation

by | May 24, 2022 | Articles, TCW

AS inflation rises and the prospects for our return to normality following the pandemic fade ever more into the distant future, criticism is rightly focusing on financial institutions and regulators. They claim that printing money, which has inevitably caused prices to rise, was necessary to mitigate the economic chaos of lockdowns. But now they appear to be behind a third act of immense self-harm to help to steer the world to inflation and deliberately prevent economic recovery. The rise in energy prices the world has seen were not the result of an unforeseeable supply crisis, but engineered by those charged with managing the economy.

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  1. Namik Omerspahic BSc

    Good on you for your objectivity

    Also enormous governments spending on “Renewable energy sources” development should be calculated in that inflation rise…

    Hundreds of billions of $$ have been spent globally in the last few decades..


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