The UK press is already on XR’s side

The 'billionaire-owned', 'right-wing' press is full to the brim with climate-change alarmism. Extinction Rebellion’s decision to block the delivery of certain ‘right-wing’ newspapers across the UK on Saturday morning has been rightly condemned as a violation of press...

The naff symbolism of modern eco-protest

Protesters in fancy dress, vandalising monuments, know nothing about the issues they want to raise awareness of. Earlier this month, activists from Extinction Rebellion (XR) poured red paint on the steps of Trafalgar Square and threw luminous green ink into its...

The government has lost control

The masks u-turn shows it has surrendered its authority to ‘the science’. They couldn’t have picked a worse way to signal that the economy is ‘back open for business’. This week, just days after high-street shops were allowed to reopen after months of closure, the UK...

Environmentalism: a racist ideology

Green neo-Malthusianism is the last redoubt of racist eugenics in mainstream society. As reported on spiked last month, it did not take long for green ideologues to seize on the chaos of the coronavirus pandemic. And in recent weeks, racial politics has exploded,...

The myth of climate-change refugees

Climate change has become an excuse to abandon people living on the coast. Much of the Welsh village of Fairbourne lies between just one and three meters above sea level. It was built on a salt marsh in the 19th century behind two metre-high sea walls to protect the...

The Heathrow decision is an assault on democracy

MPs and the public want a third runway and yet judges have struck it down. This is a disgrace. Yesterday’s ruling in the Court of Appeal has seemingly resolved the decades-long wrangling over the future of Heathrow’s third runway. The court decided that the government...

A rebellion that the establishment loves

Why our usually illiberal establishment has been so chilled out about XR’s week of vandalism. Extinction Rebellion (XR) protesters in Cambridge have launched a week-long campaign of obstruction and petty vandalism. It began with the protesters issuing demands to...

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