2019: the year of peak green bullsh*t

Greta, Prince Harry and Extinction Rebellion took the eco-cult to new heights of madness. 2019 was the most extraordinary year of green bullshit yet. Despite the planet being a wealthier, healthier and safer place than it was when fears of global warming first...

Where was the debate about the climate?

Channel 4’s leaders’ debate on climate change was a pointless and pathetic exercise. ‘It is the biggest issue on the planet’, said Krishnan Guru-Murthy as he introduced the Channel 4 News Climate Debate. Cue a montage of floods, storms, fires and a burned Koala...

Green grandstanding is out of control

The parties’ ever more outlandish climate plans will eviscerate our living standards. Brexit aside, this General Election campaign will be remembered for parties’ promises to spend more than their rivals. From the NHS to ‘free’ broadband for all, a bidding war has...

Spare us Prince Harry’s royal hypocrisy

The green prince sees no contradiction in being a jetsetting environmentalist. Oh, how easily Prince Harry leaps from the private jets and super-yachts, loaned to him by his celebrity pals, to the eco-lectern. Read more at Spiked...

Emmanuel Macron’s fake news about the rainforest

His Amazon tweet was nonsense. Why didn’t the media call him out on it? ‘Our house is burning. Literally’, tweeted French president Emmanuel Macron last week. ‘The Amazon rainforest – the lungs which produces [sic] 20% of our planet’s oxygen – is on fire’, he added,...

My beef with Goldsmiths’ burger ban

Universities are turning from centres of free thought into factories of conformism. There has been a lot of climate news this silly season. Amid the stories of Greta in a boat, Greta in a suit and, soon, Greta walking on water, this week we learned that Goldsmiths,...

The war on cheap flights

Like the feudal lords of old, greens want to tie us to small patches of land. The government announced this week that it is considering legislation to add a ‘carbon charge’ to the price of flights. Flights – especially cheap flights – have long been the enemy of...

The myth of the green wave

No, the EU elections were not a huge boost for environmentalism. The EU elections last week produced an apparent surge of support for greens across Europe. Parties from the Greens-European Free Alliance (EFA), the EU grouping the UK Green Party belongs to, increased...

The single-use plastics ban is a load of rubbish

Faced with an unprecedented crisis of legitimacy, our politicians are clutching at straws. This week, the UK government announced that from April next year, the sale of plastic straws, drink-stirrers and cotton buds will be banned. Read more at Spiked...

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