Texas: a crisis caused by policy, not climate

Blaming climate change for the cold snap, or renewables for the blackouts, lets energy planners off the hook. In mid-February, an unexpected and severe cold snap hit most of the USA. It was caused by Arctic air pushed down from the north by a rare but not...

The Cumbria coal mine must go ahead

The green blob's attempt to reverse a democratic decision is a disgrace. When plans for a coal mine were recently given the go-ahead by Cumbria County Council, green campaigners, journalists and quangocrats were outraged. They demanded that MPs, ministers and the...

Why greens love lockdown

Greens now want harder, longer lockdowns to tackle climate change. Are they mad? Over the past year, the response to the Covid-19 pandemic has caused untold damage to people’s lives. Discussing whether draconian policies are effective, or whether there may be other...

How the Climate Assembly manufactured consent

This stage-managed Assembly is a sham. There is no democratic mandate for extreme climate policies. As I have been pointing out for over a decade here on spiked, the political consensus on climate change is not shared by the public – or, at best, the public’s appetite...

Paris Agreement: a commitment to terminal decline

Joe Biden’s climate ambitions will wreck industry, hike energy prices and severely damage democracy. Within hours of his inauguration, Joe Biden announced that the USA was ‘back in the Paris Climate Agreement’. Donald Trump had pledged, in June 2017, that the USA...

The lie of the ‘green industrial revolution’

Boris Johnson’s plans to ban gas boilers and rely on hydrogen are beyond crazy. Following Boris Johnson’s 10-point plan to advance the UK’s ‘green industrial revolution’, the government is bringing forward its proposed ban on gas boilers in new homes from 2025 to...

Boris’s recycled eco-sop

The 10-point plan repeats the exact failures of all the green packages that came before it. Today, the prime minister announced his 10-point plan for what he claims will be ‘a green industrial revolution’. But despite the green applause and gushing, Boris Johnson’s...

America should stay out of Paris

The Paris agreement is a dangerous affront to democracy. Trump was right to challenge it. One of President Trump’s most controversial moves on the world stage was his withdrawal of the USA from the 2015 Paris climate agreement. Coincidentally, the US’s departure from...

Science is now just another wing of politics

When science so readily attaches itself to politics, policies and candidates, it loses all claim to objectivity. Earlier this month, Scientific American broke with what it claims is its 175-year history of political neutrality to endorse US presidential candidate, Joe...

Climate alarmism won’t stop the wildfires

We need practical solutions to natural disasters, not vast carbon bureaucracies and global treaties. As the presidential election draws nearer and the wildfires afflicting western US states have intensified, the desperate attempts to turn climate change into political...

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